The Interface of PandaSuite Studio

Welcome to PandaSuite Studio! This visual editor allows you to create your interface, add interactive features with components and customize user workflow very easily.

  1. The header: easily access the main actions to insert content: add a text block, a vector shape, import media or insert a database. Customize workspace settings (zoom, grid, tabs etc..)
  2. Navigation: your application is composed of screens. Create screens, select the one you want to work on. Select a screen to see its states.
  3.  The creation area: this is the visible area where you create the interface of your application. You can place objects out of the screen, especially to create transitions and animations
  4. Objects: find all objects, graphic or not, that are available at this level. Graphic objects (text, image, pop-up...) are at the top of the list and isolated from system objects (Beacon sensor..) by a separator. Their order in the list indicates their position in terms of depth: those at the top of the list are located above the bottom objects. 
  5. The properties / actions: get access to the properties of the selected object and add an action. 
  6. The breadcrumb: it lets you know what level you are at. To go to a higher level, click on it in the breadcrumb. Access the foreground and background of your application to create global elements to your application. 
  7. The project: access project properties, add components and databases for the project and add actions.
  8. Preview, share and publish: click Preview to see the web version of your application. Clicking Share will give you the sharing URL of your application. Remember to save your project regularly: there is no automatic backup. 

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