Test & Preview your project

You can test your project at any time and on any device.

The testing phase is as important as the design phase: with the preview and the PandaSuite Viewer app for iOS & Android, you can test your app throughout its development and in different formats. Testing allows you to verify that the user experience is in line with your expectations and that your app behaves correctly on the relevant devices.

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How to test your project 

With PandaSuite, your project is automatically converted into multiple formats: web app/PWA, iOS, Android and Windows.

You must test the right format of your application. 

For example if you are building a native app for iOS, use the PandaSuite Viewer app on an iOS device. If you download it to Android, you are not viewing the same format. Make sure the app is up-to-date to get the latest features. Also test on several different iOS devices to make sure everything works properly on different versions and configurations.

💡 If you notice any weird behavior/bugs, fill out the bug form and give us as many details as possible (version, device etc..): https://pandasuite.com/dashboard/report-bug

Test the web version

With the Preview icon you can instantly test the web version of your application.

Click on  Preview from the header.

Check the behavior of your project on different screen sizes by clicking on Preset Screens. Click Responsive to manually resize your project.

💡 When you click on the Preview icon, your application will automatically launch from the selected screen. To view from the start, select the first screen before opening the preview. Or use the menu on the left to select another.

Test the native iOS & Android version

If you are creating an iOS & Android app, it is important to test the native version. 

Test your app directly on an iOS or Android device using the PandaSuite Viewer app. When you save your project in PandaSuite Studio, updates are instantly available from the app. 

👉 Install this app for free via the following link: https://viewer.pandasuite.com. Login with your PandaSuite account credentials.

You can also export your application in IPA and APK format locally to test it in real conditions before deployment. For an iOS application, you have the option to use Testflight to facilitate your testing. 

Testing the Windows version

There is currently no PandaSuite Viewer for Windows. You can use the Share link and open it from your Windows device to test how your app renders on that device. 

You can export your app to EXE format with a custom icon when you deploy your app.

Share your project

You can share your project for free through your share URL

You can open your project from a browser on all devices or open PandaSuite Viewer from iOS & Android devices.

You can: 

  • Copy and paste this sharing URL
  • Send it via email or SMS
  • Scan the QR code
  • Integrate it into a web page

💡 This URL is not customizable. If you want to create a custom URL, remove the PandaSuite logo, or export your app, you must publish or export your app.

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