Create a new screen

Prepare your screens and create your navigation way to change screens.

The screen is the app basic medium: we can assimilate it to a page. A screen is composed of different states. These states are used to create animations. Each screen has one by default. 

You can add any type of cotent in your screen. 

Create a new screen

  1. When you create a new project, a screen is automatically created.
  2. In the screen window to the left, select your screen (first level) and click on the button + ADD SCREEN. If you select the lower level (that's a state), this button becomes + ADD STATE... to add a new state!

  3. The new screen has automatically one state.

 Tip. The number near the screen's name indicate the number of state in this screen. You can click on the screen's name to change it (on state's name too) - very useful to find your way in your project.

Create a change of screen

Your screens are independent: you have to create actions to change screen or activate the magazine mode. 

  1. to create a change of screen, think about the navigation way you want: How the user will leave this screen ? Has he to click on a button or to swipe horizontally or to scroll vertically to change screen ? Is this an automatic action ?
  2. Then, select the trigger object: a button, the entire screen... add the component Interactive Zone on full-screen if you want that your entire screen be a sensitive zone.
  3. Open the Interactivities window and click on + ADD ACTION: choose the trigger event (single tap ...).
  4. In the actions list select Change screen and there it is ! 

 Tip. If you want to swipe horizontally to change screen, the easiest way is to activate the magazine mode: you do it in one click!

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