1. Go to you personal space on PandaSuite
  2. Click on APPS and select your app. It has to be "public"
  3. Click on APP STORES 
  4. You are now on the APP DESCRIPTION. Informations you are going to give will be not on store. This step will come later when you will create your app on Google Play Console. Follow instructions and fill the blanks. 
  5. In Signature bloc, you have to indicate the Alias you chose in Step 2. If you had copy-paste the command line and didn't change it, the Alias is "pandasuite. 
  6. Password is that one you chose at the same step. It was not obligatory. 
  7. Upload you certificate (.p12 file). If you didn't change the command line on step 2, your .p12 file is on your desktop.
  8. Indicate your version number and click on "GENERATE APK"
  9. You will receive in few hours later a mail with your APK.


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